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Meal Plan Monday – May 26th 2014

Well, with gorgeous weather comes spending much more time outside and not at the computer…and that means a lack of posts. And with the holiday last week in Canada, I didn’t plan on posting our meal plan on Monday, and I forgot on Tuesday! So here is this weeks’ plan, in case you need some inspiration for your own dinners.

Don’t expect much from this blog as summer arrives, and I’m busy soaking up each day with my kids and hubby as a family of 4, before life gets really crazy again when the new bundle arrives at the end of the summer.

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday – homemade cheesy pasta with ham and peas

Tuesday – meatballs, rice and corn on the cob and asparagus

Wednesday – homemade burgers and corn on the cob

Thursday – breakfast (eggs, ham, toast, and smoothies)

Friday – popcorn shrimp, grilled peppers, and corn

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Meal Plan Monday – May 12 2014

Start your BBQs and break out the sandals! What beautiful weather we are having here in Ontario. Finally! This weekend was gorgeous, and today it was already 20 degrees at 9am! Oh how I missed this weather! But this also means I’m chugging water like crazy, 20 feels hot when you’ve had a winter of -40 and are early 26 weeks pregnant!

We has such a great weekend here; I hope all you moms out there were spoiled by your loved ones as much as I was. I even managed to get some gardening done too, and finally planted those veggies seeds…only 2 weeks late, opps!

Last weeks’ meal plan worked out really well with both kids. I must admit that it was nice have super simple and easy dinners to make, but I did miss the slightly fancier dishes I’m used to. But I’ll take simple kid friendly dinners if it means my kids actually sit still at the table and eat what is in front of them without too much fighting. So once again, things are simple, and the kids helped pick what we are eating. Some repeats from last week because we ended up buying dinner one night, and well, spaghetti should always be on the plan!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – kabobs with chicken and sausage, peppers, zucchini, and roasted mini red potatoes

Tuesday – homemade burgers with potato salad

Wednesday – homemade pizza (want your kids to eat veggies, get them to help make their own pizza!)

Thursday - my famous spaghetti

Friday – fish tacos (boxed pasta as a Friday “treat” for the kids)

As always I am linking up over at Org Junkie. Happy menu planning everyone!



Meal Plan Monday – May 5th 2014

This weeks meal plan looks a little different from past ones…it actually probably looks more like yours, if you have a 4 year old and a 2 year old like I do.

I have always tried to make meals that everyone in my family will enjoy, but with my son becoming pickier and pickier, we are changing things up a little. Over the weekend he helped me make a list of meals that he would like to have/be willing to eat. We do stand by the rule that you have to try whatever is put in front of you, and if you honestly don’t like it, you can have something else. But this has led to many dinner table arguments, resulting in someone sitting there for an hour with a plate full of food, or me making two different meals. So instead of trying to get him to eat the more foodie/adult meals I prefer to make (and that 3 out of the 4 of us enjoy) we’re simplifying things, as a test run. And if it goes well, and gets him back into the habit of eating whatever is in front of him, I’ll gradually add back in the meals the rest of us enjoy too…though I can’t complain too much; we made pizzas yesterday and the kid ate the red peppers he used to create the face on his pizza!

So, this meal plan is brought to you by my 4.5 year old son, his choices mostly (I really want fish tacos this Friday, so he’ll get to have his KD or canned pasta), but other than that, these are meals he wants…wish me luck! Between fighting him at the dinner table over food, and fighting with his sister at bedtime over staying in bed, my husband and I are exhausted!

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday – chicken strips, steamed broccoli, cucumber slices, parmesan noodles

Tuesday – breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast and fruit smoothies

Wednesday – bbq’d hot dogs and coleslaw

Thursday – baked spaghetti with garlic bread and salad

Friday – fish tacos with Baja sauce

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Meal Plan Monday – April 28th 2014

Last meal plan for the month of April? Goodness, it seemed to take forever to get to spring, and now it’s almost May. Crazy how time does that to you.

We expanded the veggie garden over the weekend! It’s nearly tripled in size, which is very very exciting! We still need to add a little veggie mix soil blend and some manure to it, turn it over again, and I’ll be ready to plant some seeds this week! My husband also hooked the rain barrel back up, which is great, because it’s going to be a rainy week, so we can start collecting all that free water already!

We just finished eating dinner, tonight we had enchiladas. My husband’s all time favourite meal is Bill Clinton’s favourite enchiladas, it is a must try for sure! It’s perfect when you have leftover roast chicken, or turkey, but is just as delicious with some shredded chicken that you poached right before assembling them, which is what I did tonight.


Here is what we are eating the rest of the week:

Tuesday – Chinese food! Spring rolls (frozen ones) with homemade veggie fried rice and salad

Wednesday - island pork (yes again, pork tenderloins were on sale so I loaded up on them!) with steamed broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes

Thursday – My famous spaghetti

Friday – baked tortellini with zucchini and red peppers and shrimp


Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy some time outside. As always, I am linking up over at Org Junkie. Happy Menu Planning everyone!



Meal Plan Monday – April 22 2014

Happy Earth Day everyone! We aren’t doing anything special for this day, since I strongly believe in being “green” as often each day as possible, vs just one day a year! But regardless of that, happy Earth Day, try to be a little greener today!

I hope you all had a great long weekend. Easter is always such a magical time in our house since we are Catholic. We do it up big, not just with brunch and dinner and egg hunts, but with Mass, extra prayers, and gifts too! It isn’t always frugal, and that is ok!

And so, because it was an expensive weekend, it was nice to see my grocery bill for this week at only $75, with $5 in rebates coming my way thanks to Checkout 51 and SnapSaves apps!

So, in addition to all the chocolates and other treats, here is what we are eating this week:

Tuesday – Kielbasa stirfry with peppers and rice

Wednesday - island pork with veggie fried rice and sale

Thursday – ham and cheese quiche with salad

Friday – baked fish with garlic noodles and roasted cauliflower

Saturday – hoping we can finally use the BBQ! burgers? steaks? chicken? who knows!

As always I am linking up over at Org Junkie.



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