Meal Plan Monday – March 30 2015

March is almost over. It’s Holy Week. It’s technically spring even though it’s still cold here. Time just moves so much faster when you are busy. Last week I didn’t get a meal plan posted since my son had the stomach flu. Thankfully he was the only one that got it! I’m possibly getting sick now, and the baby is stuffy and feeling warm, though that could just be from teething. Life sure keep you on your toes! But even more serious than all those little things keeping me busy, we have been dealing with some very heart breaking issues with my extended family. I won’t get into that here, since it isn’t my place to discuss, but goodness hug your loved ones, and never let a day go by that you don’t tell them how much you love them because you never know how quickly they can be taken from you!

My nephew is also having surgery this week, and likely won’t be up and about and in the mood to celebrate Easter next weekend. And since he loves turkey, my mom decided to cook hers yesterday, and boy was it delicious! We host a brunch on Easter morning my family, so I have that to plan still, and we will have another big Easter dinner with my husbands family. So much yummy food, and so many treats! I try to keep my brunch as healthy as possible, with lots of fruit, and even getting turkey sausage instead of pork, since we will all be indulging in lots of chocolates throughout the day. I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

Here is what we are eating for dinner this week –

Monday – sweet and sour meatballs with rice and turnip

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti

Wednesday – kolbasa stirfry

Thursday – pizza and salad

Friday – fish and chips

So far for my Easter Brunch I am planning the following:

scrambled egg bake

– turkey breakfast sausages

– cut up melon and berries

– lemon pound cake

maybe hashbrowns? some homemade artisan bread? I always feel like I don’t have enough fruit and veggies at brunch! I would love to here if you have any favourite brunch recipes.

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Topbox Unboxing – March 2015 box

I’m so late to this, I know, but why not join in the fun of monthly makeup subscription boxes, and share them on the blog. I love the concept of these, if you aren’t familiar you subscribe for a small monthly fee, and receive a box in the mail each month. There are ones for makeup, for kids, for men, for clothes, for just about everything, and they of course range in prices from $10, upwards of $40 or $50 for some of the bigger ones that offer full size products.

For my first subscription, I wanted to make sure I was receiving products I could actually use. I chose Topbox because they offer a beauty profile to help make sure the products you get are geared towards you. It isn’t a perfect system, but for only $12 a month, you can’t really complain much.

Topbox March 15

Topbox offers 4 samples, and you are given the chance to switch to a more valuable box, usually with full sized items, but I believe they pick those at random. And when you are sent your shipping notice, you can check the reference number to see which box you are being sent. I have flipped through the #topbox on Instagram, and am pretty pleased with what I received compared to the other boxes they sent out this month. Though being picked

If you are curious about it, leave me a comment and I can send you an invite! It’s one of the more affordable subscriptions, and has free shipping! Keep in mind that if you sign up, it renews each month automatically, though you can cancel anytime.

Here is my March 2015 Topbox (B7)

Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch – sample size 1 set of patches, value $4.50

I’m curious about this one, and will give it a try for sure! I have dark circles and tired eyes, though not super puffy, but they could still use some help. It promises to leave your skin hydrated and firm, so we shall see.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Eye Gel – sample size 5ml, value $16

I guess they know I have 3 kids that tire me out and keep me up all night! Another eye product, but that’s ok. I love a good eye cream, so I’m excited about this eye gel. It might seem like a small tube, but I’m sure you only need a tiny bit, so this one should last a long time! This one works on dark circles and puffiness, as well as fine lines. I’m a sucker for trying out these higher end products, but never willing to shell out the full price, so I’m pretty excited to have received a couple of brands like this one. Sometimes the scents are a little strong on these kinds of brands, so we will see if this gel bothers me at all.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream – sample size 15ml, value $28

Another higher end brand, and a decent sized little pot too! This cream is meant for the entire face with promises of reducing the appearance of imperfections, pores looks tighter, and complexion more even. I usually try to use face creams with less, or more natural fragrances (currently I am obsessed with Burts Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream, which smells AMAZING). This one smells a little like perfume, so we will see if the scent bothers me after I try it. The packaging is super cute regardless, love the teal pot!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in X-Ta-Sea – full size product, value $10

Who doesn’t love a free nail polish, and in this gorgeous purple shade! I’ve never tried China Glaze before, so I’m curious to see how it holds up compared to the brands I use. And even if it doesn’t stand up on my finger nails, since no polish ever does, it will be super cute on my toes. That’s if we ever get warm enough here in Ontario to wear sandals again!

A great first experience with Topbox, and subscription boxes in general. I’m sure there will be months where the products aren’t my favourite, but this month wasn’t bad at all. I love new nail polish colours, and am excited to try the other eye products and face cream too. And since the box only cost $12, and the total value is approximately $58, I can say that is a pretty good deal!

Now to try to not go and subscribe to all the other boxes out there!

Share in the comments if you have any subscriptions, and what you like or don’t like about the different ones!

Meal Plan Monday – March 16 2015

Well, it’s March Break here in Ontario, which means schools are closed for the week. Which means I’ve got all three kids home! We are planning loads of fun things including play dates, bowling, and we went to the sugar bush today to learn all about maple syrup (and of course buy some and enjoy it on pancakes!).

I tweeted earlier today that because of March Break I may not get around to blogging much. But then I found 20 minutes earlier today to whip up a post about my first month of Topbox. ANd now I have a few minutes to get the weeks’ meal plan posted too. So ignore that earlier tweet, because I am finding time to post :)

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – chicken burgers, french fries, peas and carrot sticks

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti

Wednesday – Salisbury steak mashed potatoes and broccoli

Thursday – chicken strips and veggie sticks for the kids, big salads for my husband and I

Friday – baked fish with rice and salad


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Meal Plan Monday – March 9th 2015

The temperatures this week are almost spring like! Above zero? FINALLY! I was able to only wear a down vest over a sweatshirt this weekend, and it was wonderful. Life seems so much easier when all you have to do is put shoes on to leave the house. I am so over convincing kids to put snow suits on, and bundling up a baby!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – homemade pizza

Tuesday – ham and broccoli and rice

Wednesday – slow cooker beef stroganoff

Thursday – cheese burgers and salad

Friday – baked fish with french fries and raw veggies for the kids, big salads for the grown ups

And I have even prepped my food for the week too: hard boiled eggs, carrots and celery sticks, cut up melon, and washed the grapes!


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DIY Makeup Remover Face Wipes

Ever use those disposable face wipes? The ones that don’t require water, or rinsing…I hate to admit it, but I love them. Washing my face at the end of the day is one thing I dread, but it is so very important, and those wipes makes life so much easier! But, they aren’t cheap. And they can be full of some pretty harsh chemicals and scents (even the “sensitive” ones!), so why not make your own!

If you search on Pinterest you will find tons of different ways to make these, but this seems to be the easiest way to do it, and uses pretty easily found ingredients.

Wipes edit 1

Here are the very simply steps:

What you will need:

Good quality select a size paper towels (I used Bounty Basic)

Coconut oil

Tea tree oil (if you have some acne like I do)

Large jar or food storage container (two containers a little shorter than half a roll of paper towels, or one that is a little shorter than a full roll of paper towels)


Large glass measuring cup

A large knife


– Using the knife, carefully cut your roll of paper towels in half (this is assuming you are using a shorter container. If you have on that is tall enough for the full length of the roll, by all means use it and skip this step! I find that I need two wipes most days that I wear a full face of makeup, so keeping the roll whole will give you the bigger wipes you might need.)

– Meanwhile, in a kettle, boil 4 cups of water.

– In your large glass measuring cup, measure out 4 cups of boiled water. Add in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and several drops of tea tree oil. Stir until oil is melted.

– Pour the mixture evenly into the containers.

– Place the paper towels in the container (cut side down if you cut the roll)

– Squish the roll down, snap on the lid, and turn it upside down and leave them for a few minutes.

– After a few minutes, the paper towels will have absorbed the liquid. You can now easily pull out the cardboard roll from the middle. You will then pull the wipes out from the middle whenever you need one.

wipes Collage

I have been using mine for weeks, and I love them so much! I love that they help the little bit of acne I get, from the tea tree oil and the coconut oil too. The coconut oil is also very moisturizing without leaving my skin greasy. If you wanted to make these even more frugal and environmentally friendly, you could cut up a clean old t-shirt, and make reusable wipes! I wanted to give these a try first, but think once I finish my roll, I will ask hubby for a shirt he doesn’t wear any more.


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