Tip Tuesday – Keeping Calm In 4 Easy Steps

Staying calm can be so difficult, especially with 4 little ones running around!┬áThe constant “Mommy! Mommy! Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!” is enough to exhaust you after only a few minutes. Add to that the not listening, the sibling fighting, the crying from a baby…well you get it, I assume most of you are parents, so you understand where I’m coming from. But even if you aren’t a parent, learning to calm down is still helpful. Perhaps you get angry with people in stores especially with how busy they are right now, or maybe while driving, or even coworkers or family. These tips can … Continue reading Tip Tuesday – Keeping Calm In 4 Easy Steps

Meal Plan Monday – December 5 2016

We have snow! I love this time of year, and with Christmas only a few weeks away, snow makes everything so much more magical! I know so many hate it, and yes it makes driving difficult, and makes my front foyer a sloppy wet mess, but I love it more than any of the negatives that it brings. I opened all the blinds and drapes this morning right away so that the kids could see the snow as they came downstairs. They were so excited, and got ready and out the door so fast to play in it. It also … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday – December 5 2016

Meal Plan Tuesday – Nov 29th 2016

Well, the meal plan didn’t make it up yesterday, it didn’t even get planned until about 5 minutes ago! This is a great lesson for you all, learn from my mistake! If I had done my meal plan for the week on the weekend, like I try to do, I would have been prepared! I got hit with a head cold! I felt stuffed up, bad headache, and that general foggy feeling when you can’t think or plan dinners! Luckily, Domino’s Pizza has half price pizza all week, so that’s what we ate last night. Not the healthiest, but thankfully … Continue reading Meal Plan Tuesday – Nov 29th 2016

Meal Plan Monday – November 21 2016

When was the last time I even posetd one of these?! I mean, I’ve still been planning my meals every week, but I haven’t been sharing them with all of you! We’ve been eating super healthy lately, like the healthiest EVER because of my gall stones, but that gall bladder is gone now (thank fully! 3 weeks post op and I feel fantastic!). So naturally we’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, now that I can eat more than 15g of fat at a time. But, the time has come to reel back in the take out and frozen nuggets … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday – November 21 2016