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Joyfully Made Crochet

One of the reasons I have been a little absent from the blog lately is that I have been working my butt off on my Etsy shop. Finishing products, getting them photographed and listed, and cramming all the SEO knowledge I can into my tired brain. Today was the day that I reopen my shop!… Continue reading Joyfully Made Crochet

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Tip Tuesday – Back to School

My number one tip when it comes to back to school shopping? Check your inventory! Before you head to the stores, check your house first to see what you have. Is their backpack from last year still in good shape? Do they need new supplies, or did they just lose a couple of markers in their bedroom… Continue reading Tip Tuesday – Back to School

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Frugal Fitness the YouTube Way

So many people assume you need an expensive gym membership, a personal trainer, and $200 Nike’s to be succesful at fitness. And of course those do work for some people, but they aren’t necessary at all. If the financial aspect of fitness is preventing you from getting fit, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t… Continue reading Frugal Fitness the YouTube Way


How to be a Thrift Store Ninja

  I recently had a very successful trip to my favourite local thrift store, and realized I hadn’t shared with you in a while a thrift store haul. And than after looking through old blog posts I realized I hadn’t really shared tips with you on how to have a successful trip to a thrift… Continue reading How to be a Thrift Store Ninja

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Snack Hack: itty bitty frozen chocolate bites

I’m a chocoholic.To the point that I feel a little anxious if there isn’t any chocolate in the house. But, thankfully I don’t need a lot to get my fix. A couple of years ago my husband bought me a Costco pack of full size chocolate bars as part of my birthday present. He gets!… Continue reading Snack Hack: itty bitty frozen chocolate bites