Tornado alley

Does your living room (or whatever room you use the most) ever look like a tornado swept through it, leaving a hot mess of every toy your child owns?  It’s a daily occurrence, actually, it happens multiple times a day because I like to tidy the toys at every chance I get, only causing the tornado to strike again. My tornado looks cute; those big blue eyes, that soft blonde hair, but he’s just playing you. For my son, the more toys that are out, the less he plays with them. It is as if the game is to make … Continue reading Tornado alley

Meal Plan Monday

I don’t know what happened last week. I can’t remember anything significant that stopped me from blogging, I guess I was just busy in general. We are gearing up for Christmas in our house; the season of Advent has started which means it is ok to put my wreaths on the front doors and slowly start decorating the house. The tree won’t be up for a while yet, and same with the outside lights, but I should probably take down the fall decor. And I am hoping to get my Christmas shopping finished this week, so I can say I … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Goodness, time is just flying by! My baby girl will be two months old this week, and Advent starts this weekend! Christmas is just around the corner, so I guess I should get my butt in gear on some Christmas crafts (more stuff from Pinterest!) so that they are ready for when we put our tree up. The weather has also changed this week, and it is going to be kinda cold, so some of our meals are going to be very comfy warm wintery dishes. So here is what we are eating this week: Monday: baked chicken legs with … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday

Pinterest isn’t just for dreaming

You guys, I did it again. I made something I pinned on Pinterest! This makes me so happy, because I’m pretty sure most people don’t actually do anything with their pins. Maybe I’m wrong…if you are on Pinterest, have you followed through on any pins? Outfit ideas? Home ideas? Recipes? Crafty DIYs? I made an infinity scarf! I had been wanting one for a little while now, but buying little extras like that aren’t in our budget, and I didn’t really want to wait for Christmas. My hubby isn’t a fan of wearing scarves inside (reminds him of snobby students … Continue reading Pinterest isn’t just for dreaming

Free Friday

If only this could be a regular thing. Free stuff every Friday? A girl can dream… Yesterday was a big mail day around here. Large Old Navy order arrived (yay for online Christmas shopping), my InStyle magazine arrived (yay for magazine subscriptions as gifts from my hubby), and a very familiar shaped box from P&G. If you haven’t signed up for the Brand Sampler yet, you really should (go here), though not as good as it once was, you still get free samples of great products. Now, I realize that the point of a free sample is to try out … Continue reading Free Friday