Frugal Pregnancy Fashion – A Stylish Bump on a Budget

I always thought by my third kid I’d have this pregnancy thing down. I’d already have all the clothing, my body would know what it was doing, and I would be used to the sickness/exhaustion/hormones too. But that so isn’t the case! I don’t know if I’ve been hit with the “wild card” third pregnancy that so many women talk about, or I have just forgotten what it’s like since there are 3 years between this pregnancy and my daughter. Either way, to say that this pregnancy has kicked my butt would be an understatement. It also hasn’t been that … Continue reading Frugal Pregnancy Fashion – A Stylish Bump on a Budget

Road Trippin & Site Seeing – frugal travel fashion tips

I turn 30 this summer, and to celebrate that big day, my husband is planning a trip to Boston for just the two of us! I’m not huge into travelling, and certainly don’t have a bucket list of places to visit, but if I did, Boston would be top of that list! I have always wanted to stroll the city streets that are so rich in history, eat the delicious seafood, and take in a ball game at Fenway. I was totally blown away when he revealed to me where we would be going! I usually do all the planning … Continue reading Road Trippin & Site Seeing – frugal travel fashion tips

Charity Tee Makeover – DIY

You all have them, sometimes they come in a one-size-fits-no-one, sometimes they offer sizes but just in men’s, so even the small is giant on me. Those shirts that you get for volunteering for something, maybe it’s from a camp you attended or a sport you played, or in my case, from a charity 5k walk. Our dear friends started up the lymeSavers foundation, I love them to bits, and the event this past weekend was a blast, but the participant shirt did not fit me at all. I didn’t expect it too, as I’m tiny, and most things don’t … Continue reading Charity Tee Makeover – DIY

My free Maxi Skirt

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is easier to make it yourself than to keep wasting time looking for exactly what you want. When you have to drag 2 kids with you from store to store, and into change rooms, getting out the sewing machine seems like the easier task. And when the item you want to buy from a store doesn’t even fit you, making it yourself sometimes is the only option. I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt for a while now, and thought it would be easy to find a cheap one (preferably for less than $20), since they are … Continue reading My free Maxi Skirt

A Frugal Easter – 2013

I know, I know, its mid April now. Easter was a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason I forgot to share with you how I managed a frugal yet indulgent Easter with my family. Typically, on Easter Sunday, we do an egg hunt and gift opening on our own, first thing in the morning. My family then comes over for Brunch and more gifts, and later in the afternoon we head over to my husband’s family for another egg hunt and more gifts and Easter dinner. When we attend Mass seems to change each year, just as it … Continue reading A Frugal Easter – 2013