Stepping Out with Frugal Style

Finally a post that isn’t about food! Yippee! As promised, this post has nothing to do with food! It’s about finding super cheap clothes at the mall and some really great thrifting finds!

I stumbled on this skirt while spending some birthday money at the mall last week. I had a little more than an hour to myself to return/exchange/buy items before I had to get home to my kids. I hit all the stores I needed to, even tried on some red skinny jeans (almost bought them, still might go back for them!) On my way out of Smart Set I stopped to check the sales rack, I grabbed a super cute deep teal tank top that was on for $9.99, and a huge stack of silver bracelets that were on for $6.99 (I have two weddings to attend this fall, I’m wearing dresses I already have, but I though a few new accessories would be nice) Before heading to the change room to try on the tank top, a linen skirt caught my eye. It was a navy linen pencil skirt, so gorgeous, but had no price. My fear was that it was placed on the sale  by mistake, but I tried it on anyways. Both items fit perfectly, so I hit the cash to ask the price of the skirt before purchasing. Answer: $14.99! Total steal! The sales lady then informed that all the clearance items were an additional 50% off! All of my items were half the price I was already willing to pay. HUGE WIN!

I could not wait to wash it and wear it to Church this weekend, and since we decided to go out to dinner before heading to an evening Mass, I thought I would take a picture to share with you all:

It even has pockets! It looks almost black in this picture, but trust me it’s navy. Also, sorry for the dirty mirror, it’s hung at the perfect height for both my kids to make a mess of it on a daily basis)

Necklace: Reitmans (from like 6 years ago, no idea how much it cost)

Top: Jacob (clearance for $6.99, which is a steal for that store)

Skirt: Smart Set (clearance for $7.49)

Belt: H&M (set of 3 for $12.99, bought last summer)

Perfect with a cardigan for Church

Cardigan: Reitmans (brand new, thrifting find from earlier this year)

I also had a pretty successful thrifting experience on Friday. After searching stores, both in person and online, for a couple of weeks, I decided to hit up the children’s second hand shops to try to find some shoes to fit my daughter. She has crazy tiny feet, like the size of a 6 month old even though she is almost one. They are so narrow that any shoes I can find to fit her don’t tighten enough around her ankle, so she pulls them right off and throws them across the van/park/grocery store. I was going to settle and just buy some Robeez until she needs actual walking outdoor shoes (I just wanted something that would stay on her foot and keep it warm on cool mornings and nights). Instead I bought these:

The top two pairs are brand new (Robeez boots $6.50, sneakers $5.50), and the bottom two are only a little worn (Robeez leather slippers $5.50, white dress shoes for Church $4.50)

And I couldn’t leave the store without these (trust me, I wanted to buy so much more, but she just doesn’t need it with an over flowing closet and dresser and a Birthday next month):

Brand new tights, still sealed in the boxes: $1.50 each (the red ones are cable knit, the white ones have black ballerina shoes on the feet!). like new Old Navy sparkle legging $3.50.

Unless I can get amazing deals (like I just did at Smart Set) I tend to lean towards buying second hand. If it’s in great condition, and way cheaper than the brand new price, why buy new?! Those Robeez slippers sell for $25.99 brand new, and I don’t even want to know how much the little Robeez boots would cost. My kid will most likely out grow them in a couple of months, and at that time, I will go back and dig through those second hands bins again!

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Pinterest isn’t just for dreaming

You guys, I did it again. I made something I pinned on Pinterest! This makes me so happy, because I’m pretty sure most people don’t actually do anything with their pins. Maybe I’m wrong…if you are on Pinterest, have you followed through on any pins? Outfit ideas? Home ideas? Recipes? Crafty DIYs?

I made an infinity scarf! I had been wanting one for a little while now, but buying little extras like that aren’t in our budget, and I didn’t really want to wait for Christmas. My hubby isn’t a fan of wearing scarves inside (reminds him of snobby students in his University classes), so I thought maybe an infinity scarf would be ok, and since I’m always cold, it will stop me from cranking the heat up. Browsing through Pinterest last night I stumbled upon this tutorial which I still might make, since it looks super cozy, and I would love to have it to wear on Christmas morning. But it requires sewing, and I still have a pile of stuff downstairs that I never get to, so I don’t really see this happening. However, I than scrolled down a little more and saw this tutorial! This one, its brilliant. It took my husband longer to decide which old shirt I could have, than it did for me to cut it up. Two cuts, a little stretching, and you are done. Here’s mine:

Jeans: Old Navy skinny jeans. Shirt: Joe Fresh. Scarf: handmade by me!

The best part about this little diy, IT WAS FREE! I used an old shirt of my husbands, one that was in perfect condition; he never wore it because it fit weird. I have a feeling I might get a little carried away and make a million of these in different colours. Maybe a printed shirt from the thrift store? Oh the possibilities! Right now I totally love my grey one, it’s so comfy!

And since I took pictures of my outfit, I thought I would link up with Mandy’s SOS again! Yay for being kinda fashionable.

Steppin’ Out Saturday – not a Halloween edition

So I figured, this week most link ups will be up tomorrow, and be pictures of their kiddos in super cute costumes, possibly with them dressed up too. Don’t get me wrong, we will be doing that, and yes my guy and I have some what matching costumes. But that will be its own post, about how I attempted to be frugal, and kinda failed.

This week, I actually looked cute on Saturday, and took my own picture. I was going to my niece’s 5th birthday party. Often when I wear some what trendy clothes, and I see my 7 and now 5-year-old nieces, they are usually dressed in similar clothes. I even go as far to stop and think “do they own something like this?” when buying clothes and getting dressed to go and see them. They are just too trendy and cool for their own good. Matching outfits from grey tights and skirts, to cardigans with ruffles down the front, and jokes about sharing shoes (the 7-year-old, she wants my pink Chuck Taylors, I want her black boots). It’s been going on for years, and is now a running joke! Made worse by the fact that the 7-year-old is on the tall side for her age, and I’m on the short side of everything. Yup, the joke is that I could share clothes with her. With a child 20 years younger than me. But hey, she has a great wardrobe.

Luckily today’s outfit wasn’t matching anything that the girls were wearing at the party. And really, that’s only because it was a Princess party and they were all in Disney Princess dresses!

Top: Joe Fresh ($24, cashed in PC points, cost me $4!)

Jeans: Old Navy Skinny jeans (same as last week)

I wore my pink Chuck Taylor high tops(bought on sale in the kids section at Sears!) and Gap navy blue trench (which I’ve had for years, and bought on clearance in the off-season) once I was heading outside.

Steppin Out Saturday – managed a frugal night out on the town!

I thought I would join in again on Mandy’s Steppin’ Out Saturday. My picture this week is actually from this past Thursday (Mandy says the picture doesn’t have to be from Saturday). My sister-in-law won hockey tickets at her work; they did a raffle for 3 tickets in the Gold section, only 20 rows back, and it’s a pretty small office. The hubby and I almost didn’t believe she won, because I mean, who actually gets to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game? Other than millionaires. In case you aren’t from Ontario, or aren’t a hockey fan, you may not know how ridiculously over priced Leafs tickets are. Even when they suck (which is pretty much the last 40 years) every game is sold out. It is next to impossible to get your hands on tickets, even if you are willing to pay a small fortune for them. The hubby had been to games when he was younger, the last game we went to was a preseason game, and before that we went but had “obstructed view” seats, so we couldn’t even see one net. Yup, that’s how they roll in Toronto when they build arenas. Not every seat can see the entire playing surface! I did get him second row tickets a few years back, but we had to drive all the way to Pittsburgh for that game…


Hat – Hurley (Winners, for $10)

Hoodie – Aeropostale (birthday present)

Jersey – LEAFS! (42 Wellwood!) (Christmas gift from hubby)

Vest – Gap (Christmas gift from Grandmother)

What you can’t see, Old Navy skinny jeans (clearance rack) with Nike knitted boots (Christmas gift from my mom)

So, the Leafs lost that night, first loss in regulation time of this season, but it was still awesome to sit that close at the ACC. And, it turned out to be a totally frugal evening. Parking was only $6.50, we had street meat before the game which was $5, and the tickets were free!



Steppin out Saturday – birthday boy edition

Steppin out Saturday, started up by Mandy over at The Haps is a super cute idea! I love seeing what others where, especially if it’s affordable cuteness! I don’t think I’ll do this every weekend, but this past weekend was a special one. So here is out first Steppin’ Out Saturday, on my little guys’ first birthday:


may not be the cutest or the most trendy outfits, but they are special because it was his first birthday!


shirt –  Smart Set

jeans – Bluenotes



Darth Vadar shirt – Target

jeans – Levi’s

socks – Oldnavy


fondant ( he’s cake!)

Both my shirt and the kiddos were gifts, his jeans are hand-me-down from his cousin, and mine are about 3 years old! Very frugal outfits!