Stepping Out with Frugal Style

Finally a post that isn’t about food! Yippee! As promised, this post has nothing to do with food! It’s about finding super cheap clothes at the mall and some really great thrifting finds! I stumbled on this skirt while spending some birthday money at the mall last week. I had a little more than an hour to myself to return/exchange/buy items before I had to get home to my kids. I hit all the stores I needed to, even tried on some red skinny jeans (almost bought them, still might go back for them!) On my way out of Smart … Continue reading Stepping Out with Frugal Style

Pinterest isn’t just for dreaming

You guys, I did it again. I made something I pinned on Pinterest! This makes me so happy, because I’m pretty sure most people don’t actually do anything with their pins. Maybe I’m wrong…if you are on Pinterest, have you followed through on any pins? Outfit ideas? Home ideas? Recipes? Crafty DIYs? I made an infinity scarf! I had been wanting one for a little while now, but buying little extras like that aren’t in our budget, and I didn’t really want to wait for Christmas. My hubby isn’t a fan of wearing scarves inside (reminds him of snobby students … Continue reading Pinterest isn’t just for dreaming

Steppin’ Out Saturday – not a Halloween edition

So I figured, this week most link ups will be up tomorrow, and be pictures of their kiddos in super cute costumes, possibly with them dressed up too. Don’t get me wrong, we will be doing that, and yes my guy and I have some what matching costumes. But that will be its own post, about how I attempted to be frugal, and kinda failed. This week, I actually looked cute on Saturday, and took my own picture. I was going to my niece’s 5th birthday party. Often when I wear some what trendy clothes, and I see my 7 … Continue reading Steppin’ Out Saturday – not a Halloween edition

Steppin Out Saturday – managed a frugal night out on the town!

I thought I would join in again on Mandy’s Steppin’ Out Saturday. My picture this week is actually from this past Thursday (Mandy says the picture doesn’t have to be from Saturday). My sister-in-law won hockey tickets at her work; they did a raffle for 3 tickets in the Gold section, only 20 rows back, and it’s a pretty small office. The hubby and I almost didn’t believe she won, because I mean, who actually gets to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game? Other than millionaires. In case you aren’t from Ontario, or aren’t a hockey fan, you may … Continue reading Steppin Out Saturday – managed a frugal night out on the town!

Steppin out Saturday – birthday boy edition

Steppin out Saturday, started up by Mandy over at The Haps is a super cute idea! I love seeing what others where, especially if it’s affordable cuteness! I don’t think I’ll do this every weekend, but this past weekend was a special one. So here is out first Steppin’ Out Saturday, on my little guys’ first birthday:   Me: shirt –  Smart Set jeans – Bluenotes   Kiddo: Darth Vadar shirt – Target jeans – Levi’s socks – Oldnavy R2D2: fondant ( he’s cake!) Both my shirt and the kiddos were gifts, his jeans are hand-me-down from his cousin, and … Continue reading Steppin out Saturday – birthday boy edition