Meal Plan Monday – July 22 2013

I’m hoping this will be a big week in our house. We are all finally feeling better, except for the occasional sniffle from myself or my husband, so we should finally be able to get out and enjoy summer. We’ve got plans to hit the splash pad, the waterfront, and even a local water park with my parents and my sister and her kids! I should be able to finally try out that Greek yogurt recipe that I have been dying to try for a couple of weeks now, and with slightly cooler temps this week, there might be a … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday – July 22 2013

Meal Plan…Tuesday – May 21 2013

Well, we had a long weekend here, so I didn’t get this posted yesterday. I would say we enjoyed the outdoors as much as we could, for the most part the kids had a blast playing with the water table in the back yard, but they also fought most of the weekend….too much fun in the sun and not enough sleeps makes for grouchy kids! And I seem to have picked up a cold. again. Thankfully it is going to rain for the next few days, so we will have some quiet days inside watching movies and building forts. Here … Continue reading Meal Plan…Tuesday – May 21 2013

Frugal Tip Tuesday – slow cooker desserts for easy summer baking

At first this tip might not seem frugal, but it is! If you have air conditioning in your home, using your oven while it is running is counter-productive. You end up heating the house a bit, which makes your a/c work harder, which in turn increases your bill! This is why we try to avoid using the oven during the summer months, unless there is a cool morning and we have the windows open. Avoiding using theĀ  oven is very difficult for me, I love to bake, and roast, and bake, and bake, and bake. Not being able to bake … Continue reading Frugal Tip Tuesday – slow cooker desserts for easy summer baking

Father’s Day Food

I love getting time in my kitchen. It’s even better when I have the time to cook nice food, try new recipes, and not be tripping over the littles that are usually at my feet. This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day with a great menu! My hubby loves food, loves trying new recipes, especially ones that are a little more labour intensive that I wouldn’t make on a regular week day. I just love when I get to plan a menu for a special occasion, picking a theme and finding new recipes online or in my cookbooks.So with the … Continue reading Father’s Day Food

Meal Plan Monday

Another week down! Another week closer to this baby arriving. It is seeming a lot more real now, as this past weekend the big boy bedroom was painted, and the bed was put together. He isn’t sleeping in there yet, but maybe by the end of the week? We still need a gate for the top of the stairs (just in case he figures out how to open doors…) and I would like to finish decorating it before he moves in. He is already very excited about it, so fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly. Time to finish up … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday